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INFORMATIK 2010. Service Science - Neue Perspektiven für die Informatik. Band 1 P-175, 398-404 (2010).

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Integration strategies and patterns for SOA and standard platforms

Helge Buckow , Hans-Jürgen Groß , Gunther Piller , Karl Prott , Johannes Willkomm and Alfred Zimmermann


The SOA Innovation Lab presents a holistic approach for the development of a service-oriented enterprise architecture with custom and standard software packages. Starting point is the construction and analysis of company domain maps with respect to characteristics of SOA and standard software. After assessing the SOA ability of standard software packages within an architecture maturity framework, we show how target architectures can be developed with the help of use case analyses, capability maps and integration patterns. Besides methods and related artifacts, we present current adoption issues for standard software packages in service-oriented contexts.

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