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EMISA 2010 Einflussfaktoren auf die Entwicklung flexibler, integrierter Informationssysteme. Beiträge des Workshops der GI-Fachgruppe EMISA (Entwicklungsmethoden für Informationssysteme und deren Anwendung) P-172, 9-24 (2010).

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Architecture blueprint for a business process simulation engine

Stefan Krumnow , Matthias Weidlich and Rüdiger Molle


Simulation of business process models allows for drawing conclusions on the performance and costs of business processes before they are implemented or changed. Requirements for a business process simulation engine are specific to a concrete use case and a dedicated business domain. In this paper, we focus on the simulation of clinical pathways in a hospital. We elaborate on the requirements imposed by this use case in detail and propose an architecture blueprint for a simulation engine. It is based on annotated BPMN process models and uses timed and colored Petri nets as the underlying formalism.

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