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Modellierung 2010 P-161, 335-350 (2010).

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A domain specific language for multi user interface development

Alexander Behring , Andreas Petter and Max Mühlhäuser


User Interface Development is increasingly facing the demand that an application must provide different User Interfaces (UIs) for different contexts of use, e.g., interaction device and primary task. This leads to two key challenges: how to create these multiple UIs for one application (creation challenge), and how to consistently modify them (modification challenge). The creation challenge has been addressed in various works utilizing automatic UI generation. We present a domain specific language (DSL) suitable to address the modification challenge. The DSL makes use of explicit relations between different UI versions, along which modications of the UIs can be propagated. With the presented approach, modifications can be applied more easily, which is important for iterative (UI) design.

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