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Software Engineering 2010 -Workshopband (inkl. Doktorandensymposium) P-160, 93-102 (2010).

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Model-based development tools for embedded systems in the industry - results from an empirical investigation -

Markus Herrmannsdoerfer , Thomas Kofler , Stefano Merenda , Daniel Ratiu and Judith Thyssen


Model-based development (MBD) is adopted in practice in different degrees. A prerequisite for building a new generation of tools for model-based development of embedded systems is to gain an overview over their current use and the needs of the industry. In this paper, we present the results of an empirical study-that we conducted in the context of the SPES2020 research project-about the use of modelbased development tools in industrial projects. We investigated the following general research questions by collecting empirical data from several industrial project partners: (1) What is the status quo of the tools currently used in industry? and (2) What are the requirements for the next generation of industrial tools? The result of our study shows that there is a considerable heterogeneity in both the development tools and in the manner in which model-based development is perceived in different industrial branches (e. g., automation, avionics, automotive). Furthermore, we identified that the most important need for industrialization of model-based development in the future is a higher integration of different tools and methods.

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