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Visual Twittering Using Mobile Phones in Pervasive Environments

Michael Wittke , Sven Tomforde , Yaser Chaaban and Jürgen Brehm


Research in the field of academic teaching and life focuses on the integration of recent technologies. Additionally, new trends within the current usage of e.g. the Internet can be observed which show interesting approaches. These approaches might be reasonable and beneficial to further improve lectures and interaction with students by enabling these processes themselves to be community-oriented and based on Web X.0 principles. This paper shows how to integrate new recent trends from Internet technologies into the campus. We propose a system where students are able to use their mobile devices to do some kind of visual twittering (e.g. capture short video sequences and enhance these with additional data like GPS position, time, etc.). A campus-wide community will be developed, which provides access to these files, allows for following fellow students and friends and automatically generates an overview of the most important distinct events during the course of day for a given sub-community (e.g. students from the department of Computer Science). Based upon the introduction of the general scenario, the paper presents basic algorithms and technology needed for the realisation and a first evaluation.

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