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Embedded Analytics in Front Office Applications

M. Oberhofer and E. Nijkamp


Today, decision making by users of front office applications happens without analytical information supporting this process. We propose as solution Embedded Analytics (EA) making analytical insight in context of the front office application available to users in an on demand fashion. “In context” means that only analytics relevant for decisions on the current User Interface (UI) screen is made available. “On demand” means that the user has the information accessible in “mouse-over” events which means the user decides when to consume which portion of the relevant analytical information. The underlying implementation uses the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) to determine the context and then dynamically binds real-time lookup services for the delivery of the analytic insight to the application UI using Web 2.0 techniques in the UI. We explain the technologies and algorithms used for Embedded Analytics in context of business processes running in a SAP Netweaver CRM system.

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