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9th Workshop on Parallel Systems and Algorithms (PASA), Workshop of the GI/ITG Special Interest Groups PARS and PARVA, held at the 21st Conference on the Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS), February 26th, 2008 in Dresden, Germany P-124, 59-68 (2008).

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Wolfgang E. Nagel (ed.), Rolf Hoffmann (ed.), Andreas Koch (ed.)

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Adaptive cache infrastructure: supporting dynamic program changes following dynamic program behavior

Fabian Nowak , Rainer Buchty and Wolfgang Karl


Recent examinations of program behavior at run-time revealed distinct phases. Thus, it is evident that a framework for supporting hardware adaptation to phase behavior is needed. With the memory access behavior being most important and cache accesses being a very big subset of them, we herein propose an infrastructure for fitting cache accesses to a program's requirements for a distinct phase.

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