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9th Workshop on Parallel Systems and Algorithms (PASA), Workshop of the GI/ITG Special Interest Groups PARS and PARVA, held at the 21st Conference on the Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS), February 26th, 2008 in Dresden, Germany P-124, 37-45 (2008).

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Wolfgang E. Nagel (ed.), Rolf Hoffmann (ed.), Andreas Koch (ed.)

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High performance multigrid on current large scale parallel computers

Tobias Gradl and Ulrich Ruede


Making multigrid algorithms run efficiently on large parallel computers is a challenge. Without clever data structures the communication overhead will lead to an unacceptable performance drop when using thousands of processors. We show that with a good implementation it is possible to solve a linear system with 1011 unknowns in about 1.5 minutes on almost 10,000 processors. The data structures also allow for efficient adaptive mesh refinement, opening a wide range of applications to our solver.

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