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Mobile und Ubiquitaere Informationssysteme - Technologien, Prozesse,Marktfaehigkeit, Proceedings zur 3. Konferenz Mobile und Ubiquitaere Informationssysteme (MMS 2008), Muenchen, 26. - 28. Februar 2008 P-123, 192-205 (2008).

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Michael H. Breitner (ed.), Martin Breunig (ed.), Elgar Fleisch (ed.), Key Pousttchi (ed.), Klaus Turowski (ed.)

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Ein akzeptanzorientierter Ansatz zur Entwicklung mobiler Dienste

Jens Wehrmann , Jochen Schwarzmann and Mathias Ruopp


The acceptance is a major criterion for successful products. Existing acceptance models are primarily focused on evaluating indicators that are significant for measuring the acceptance. But product success is not indicated by customer acceptance alone. Based on the theoretical fundament of measuring acceptance and the practical experience with the TAM-based DART acceptance model, this paper presents an acceptance driven model that supports the design of products from product development and management point of view. In the first step the paper derives the theoretical basics of measuring acceptance of products. Based on an empirical case study, the acceptance of an established mobile sports booking client is evaluated exemplarily in a second step. The corresponding learnings lead to a product development and management approach that enhances the descriptive acceptance point of view to a more constructive contribution in improving the design of mobile services.

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