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Grid Service Engineering and Management The 4th International Conference on Grid Service Engineering and Management GSEM 2007 September 25 - 26, 2007, Leipzig, Germany P-117, 146 (2007).

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Keynote speaker e-infrastructures for e-science

Wolfgang Gentzsch


Nowadays, proprietary and monolithic IT environments are more and more transformed into standardand component-based service infrastructures. In this keynote, we will analyse this trend especially for the area of e-Science. While in the past decades, scientist have developed centralised, application-focused (silo-oriented) hardware and software environments, they now (for good reasons) tend to join forces in building and operating general-purpose, networked, distributed compute and data grids, recently called e-Infrastructures. This trend is enabled by grand technology progress towards reusable, decomposable, service-oriented software architectures and standard off-the-shelf hardware, among others.

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