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Didaktik der Informatik in Theorie und Praxis INFOS 200712. GI-Fachtagung Informatik und Schule 19. - 21. September 2007 in Siegen P-112, 33-44 (2007).

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Exploratory Learning

I. Kalas and D. Lehotska


In our department we have a long history of developing interfaces for learning, which are framed by constructivist and constructionist theories of learning. Thus we try to create effective opportunities for communication, exploratory and collaborative learning and working in common learning spaces. We build this specialization upon software platforms like SuperLogo and Imagine Logo (software environments being used in dozens of countries and thousands of schools for educational purposes), which have been creating since 90-ties with the aim to provide children, students, teachers and (professional) educational software developers with intuitive yet powerful means to discover, communicate and cooperate. In our software platforms we are making use of the combination of several modern and innovative features like parallel processes, object-oriented paradigm, events, tools for straightforward on-line communication through the Internet, and programmable shapes - the possibility to specify the actors' (i.e. turtles') shapes by simple Logo commands.

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