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Information Systems Technology and its Applications 6th International Conference ISTA`2007 May 23-25, 2007, Kharkiv, Ukraine P-107, 164-175 (2007).



Heinrich C. Mayr (ed.), Dimitris Karagiannis (ed.)


Knowledge and metadata integration for warehousing complex data

J. -C. Ralaivao and J. Darmont


With the ever-growing availability of so-called complex data, especially on the Web, decision-support systems such as data warehouses must store and process data that are not only numerical or symbolic. Warehousing and analyzing such data requires the joint exploitation of metadata and domain-related knowledge, which must thereby be integrated. In this paper, we survey the types of knowledge and metadata that are needed for managing complex data, discuss the issue of knowledge and metadata integration, and propose a CWM-compliant integration solution that we incorporate into an XML complex data warehousing framework we previously designed.

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