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Datenbanksysteme in Business, Technologie und Web (BTW 2007) P-103, 449-464 (2007).



Alfons Kemper (ed.), Harald Schöning (ed.), Thomas Rose (ed.), Matthias Jarke (ed.), Thomas Seidl (ed.), Christoph Quix (ed.), Christoph Brochhaus (ed.)


A classificationof schema mappings and analysis of mapping tools

Frank Legler and Felix Naumann


Schema mapping techniques for data exchange have become popular and useful tools both in research and industry. A schema mapping relates a source schema with a target schema via correspondences, which are specified by a domain expert possibly supported by automated schema matching algorithms. The set of correspondences, i.e., the mapping, is interpreted as a data transformation usually expressed as a query. These queries transform data from the source schema to conform to the target schema. They can be used to materialize data at the target or used as views in a virtually integrated system.

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