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Mobile Services and Personalized Environments, Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Mobile Services and Personalized Environments held November 16-17, 2006 in Aachen P-102, 29-42 (2006).



Otto Spaniol (ed.)


A personalization and mobility aware service enabler for a service continuity inheterogeneous networks

Chunyang Yin , Noëmie Simoni and Ghislain Du Chéné


The rapid growth of wired and wireless access technologies integrated with great needs of user nomad supporting services provides strong motivations to focus on the service continuity in a heterogeneous environment. In this paper, we present a personalization and mobility aware service enabler through the session mobility to support service continuity. A four-leveled architecture in the aim of obtaining service session mobility is designed first. User personalization enables us to propose an information structure of user preferences (user profile) and heterogeneous resources around him (usage profiles). Then a user level oriented Virtual Private User Network (VPUN) can be automatically constructed which permits to select the most adequate offers according to the user. By constructing a Virtual Private Network in the Service level (VPSN) thanks to VPUN, we can finally obtain service session mobility to response service continuity. A demonstration will be given out in the end to evaluate the service enabler.

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