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Mobile Services and Personalized Environments, Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Mobile Services and Personalized Environments held November 16-17, 2006 in Aachen P-102, 1-14 (2006).



Otto Spaniol (ed.)


Community-aware mobile networking

Michael Kuhn and Roger Wattenhofer


Community related applications such as dating platforms, instant messengers, or file-sharing tools enjoy a great popularity in the Internet. Motivated by this success, community-awareness also has become a hot topic in the mobile world. Despite considerable efforts, however, mobile solutions still cannot compete with their Internet counterparts. A key feature of community-aware applications is profile matching. To a large extent, the missing popularity of mobile approaches can be explained with the problems traditional one-to-one keyword matching causes in a purely decentralized environment: Expressive keywords are unlikely to match because of a lack in user density, and a superficial keyword classification misses the application needs. Hence, we face the challenge to compare characteristic topics in purely mobile applications. To address this challenge, this paper presents a fundamentally new matching scheme based on a combination of topology analysis and distance labeling. Proof-of-concept experiments demonstrate that the proposed scheme has indeed the potential to facilitate the comparison of highly specialized keywords in mobile environments.

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