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Unternehmen Hochschule, Symposium UH2001, 26. September 2001, Wien, Österreich, Proceedings. P-06, 127-138 (2001).

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Hans-Jürgen Appelrath (ed.), Rolf Beyer (ed.), Uwe Marquardt (ed.), Heinrich C. Mayr (ed.), Claudia Steinberger (ed.)

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University information systems design and implementation aspects

Alexandru Lelutiu


This paper addresses two key issues in the design and implementation of University Information System (UIS): the importance of the initial approach and the impact of the implementation strategy on the management level of the UIS. Firstly, we discuss the necessity of a high level UIS conception and its influence on the final UIS quality. Secondly, we focus on the priority of computer data sources against the user interfaces, driven by a sound identification of natural user data sources which guarantees data quality in the sense of information uniqueness and actuality. The subject is strictly related to the correct definition of the main data collections by viewing their owners not only as clients of these resources but also responsible for their quality. Finally, a UIS prototype is shortly presented, which has been developed based on that conception.

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