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OMER - Object-Oriented Modeling of Embedded Real-Time Systems, GI- Workshops OMER-1 & OMER-2 May 28/29, 1999 & May 10-12, 2001, Herrsching am Amersee, Germany. P-05, 16-21 (2001).

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Peter P. Hofmann (ed.), Andy Schürr (ed.)

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Using UML to model complex real-time architectures

Bran Selic


Architecture plays a key role in the design of complex real-time systems. In order to specify the types of architectures that are common in this domain, we need a suitable set of modeling concepts. We have presented here a very simple set of modeling concepts consisting of capsules, ports, protocols, and connectors, that has already been proven effective in industrial practice. To make these modeling capabilities available to the broadest set of users possible and to take advantage of the commercial tools, we have expressed them 20 using the industry standard Unified Modeling Language. For this purpose, we have used

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